Our mission is to utilize highly effective strategies to develop and maintain safe, structured, and supportive environments free of alcohol and substance abuse that are designed to push our clients to build lives full of dignity, respect, and passion. The Balance House program improves lives through the implementation of previously acquired skills, and the creation of new habits necessary to bring about permanent sobriety and the highest quality of life.




With a realistic and effective plan of recovery, one's nature can truly be changed. Balance House specializes in helping to create a plan that fits the needs and aspirations of each client. 

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Volunteering in the local community and service work of all types are an essential part of our mandatory curriculum. Our own experience and much research tells us those who serve on a regular basis experience an increased sense of well-being and satisfaction.


Exhilarating activities should be introduced into one's program of recovery. The natural surroundings of Salt Lake City offer a myriad of exciting things to do. Each client should expect to participate on the Balance House softball, volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams, and can look forward to camping, hiking, rock climbing, and skiing.