There are many ways to achieve recovery. Much of the research can seem contradictory, confusing, and/or overwhelming to those who just need some answers on what to do for their loved one who is struggling with addiction. We need you to know that none of us at Balance House have all the answers, but honestly, neither does anyone else.  We do have some, though…we do have some.

What we can tell you is people respond to ideas, perspectives, and information differently. This response is dictated by fear, uncertainty, resentment, and either a lack or an abundance of self worth. What we consistently find with those people we work with is they are looking through a lens of confusion—showing a world that feels and seems really complicated. And because we have a tendency to compare our insides with everyone else’s outsides, many times we choose not to ask very important questions for fear of being “found out”. So, we continue on, trying to figure all this out but lacking the tools to do so. And our “failures” keep coming because we are starting at the finish line rather than starting with the basics. Thus, our “failures” continue to be the justification of our behaviors while we slowly wilt on the vine of life. It’s a vicious cycle.

The men we work with at Balance House are some of the most brilliant and capable people we could ever hope to know, who just tend to make some bad decisions. The problem isn’t a lack of intelligence, motivation, drive, determination, or hard work. You may be thinking to yourself, “Motivation? Drive? Determination? Hard work? What are these guys talking about?” Ask anyone who is addicted to heroin (or any other substance for that matter) what lengths they went to in order to get their next fix. What you will find is they would have done anything, absolutely anything to “get well.” That’s unbelievable motivation, drive, determination, and hard work. The problem is these great character traits have simply been pointed in the wrong direction. The trick is to find the pivot point upon which we can redirect these great traits to be used in a productive way.