Winning Isn't Everything, But It's Fun.

From Last Place to First Place Winners!

A couple months into the season, an administrator for the Salt Lake County Sober Softball League called our staff member and in-house team coach, Matt D, and asked that our team step down into a less competitive league because Balance House was losing by such large margins. Matt's reply was quick: he asked that Balance House remain in the higher division because he really believed we could practice, improve, build on our strengths, and not only perform at a higher level but maybe even win the league. Well...he was right! After a long summer of overcoming obstacles by working together, putting in the time and effort to improve where we could, and shattering expectations, the Balance House (in-house) team won the title and earned their trophy. Now if that's not one of the best working-metaphors for recovery, then I don't know what is. Well done to all our clients who stepped up, and to Matt D for going above and beyond.

The same can't be said about the Balance House Alumni team (at least the belief part), because Coach Q never doubted, even for a moment, that they would take home the trophy...even on those dark nights under the lights in Sandy, when they were down eight runs with only six minutes to play. And, as is usual over the last few seasons, the alumni team came through big time and also won their division. Great job, all! It's great to have to stay connected, play hard, and keep a good attitude (for the majority of the time). Keep up the good work!

And let us not forget about the Balance House Alumni Too team that took second in their division. Coached by the Viking King, Mr. Janssen himself, they really came out to play and swung for the fences with those giant battle bats/axes. Janssen and his team have been consistent every season since they started, which is hard to do with all we have going on in life, and for that we commend them.

Stay tuned for the next season...which will start very soon.