On Jan 10, 2016 our Executive Director, Robbie Bills, wrote...

Four-years-ago today, Balance House opened its doors as a 10 bed facility for men with the hope of maybe, just maybe affecting change in the men we would be lucky enough to have in our program. Our only focus was to be a place where men could come to find how possible it is to change...if only they choose to do so. Further, our basic philosophy was our clients are more than capable--unbelievably capable--so we expect them to act accordingly while giving each man enough room to shine. This philosophy hasn't changed.

Now, four-years later, we have 28 male beds, 13 female beds, and five houses with a huge, amazing alumni we love and are so proud to call family. Many times, those who struggle with these issues can't help but feel like they are a dime-a-dozen. However, the beauty of all this is that with a little acceptance, humility, hard work, and introspection, we can and do become one in 7 billion. This is evidenced by and through our alumni, our staff, our referents, and especially the clients and their families we are lucky to work with every day. Anything is possible, but it is never just given. Getting sober is supposed to be hard, for if it wasn't, there would be no such thing as addiction. The hardness of early recovery is necessary for the times when it becomes second nature. 

For the men and women who have come before, for those who are in now, and for all those yet to come, please understand this: We love you... Even when you feel like a dime-a-dozen... We love you always just as you are...one in 7 billion.

For all our supporters: Thank you...thank you...thank you! For all those who don't know us yet: You don't know what you're missing! There are exciting things coming in 2016!